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Your Adoption Questions (And the Answers!)

very week, one segment of our show focuses on answering listener-submitted questions. Below are some of these we have answered in the past weeks. If there is a specific question you have or a topic you would like to hear addressed, please let us know!

Click on each question below to find the answer.

Is adopting a Native American baby difficult?

We live in Pennsylvania. Do we need facilitators only or do we need adoption attorneys too? Do we need attorneys in the state where the baby is born or where the baby is going to live?

We have a loving home with three natural children, a small farm, and enough love to share with another child. We would love to adopt but we don’t have the financing. Is there anyone who can help?

I would like to know what type of education is required for a
career in adoption?

We are an average family who has rented for five years. We’ve always heard that you had to own your own home in order to adopt. Is that true?

Can you tell me what countries allow just one parent to travel to complete the adoption?

I would like to know, is there a law indicating that you are forbidden to give the birthmother a gift of some sort after the adoption has taken place and the surrenders have been signed?

Are Canadian adoptions considered international

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