Adoption Resources

Lifetime Adoption Facilitation Center

Lifetime Adoption Center, LLC

Founded by Mardie Caldwell, Lifetime has been providing adoption services and adoption resources to birth parents and adoptive families since 1986. Assisting with around 120 adoptions a year, Lifetime has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
lifetime adoption foundationLifetime Adoption Foundation

Established in 1998, Lifetime Adoption Foundation’s purpose is to promote and create educational opportunities for birth mothers, breaking the cycle of despair and effecting long-term enduring personal growth, self worth and self reliance. Scholarships and opportunities are enabled through individual and corporate donations.

called to adoptionNew Adoption Book-Called to Adoption

Many Christian families, seeing the need to step forward in faith and raise a child not of their bodies, are choosing to learn more about the miracle of families created through adoption. In her new book, adoption expert Mardie Caldwell shares her personal experience of adoption and provides help for those interested in creating their own adoption story.


guide to adoptionGuide to Adoption

Guide to Adoption helps you navigate the path to adoption, both domestically and internationally. This website has collected some excellent resources to help you learn about your options and the decisions you will need to make about your adoption.


American Carriage House publishing logoAmerican Carriage House Publishing

Our goal is to seek out unique adoption information and present it in such a way that leaves the reader with a greater knowledge, more understanding, and the confidence to fulfill their dreams of adopting a baby.


adoption expertAsk the Adoption Expert

Do you have any pressing questions about adoption today that you’d like answered? Now, you can ask the adoption expert, Mardie Caldwell! Visit to ask your question today.
So I was thinking about adoption free book So I Was Thinking About Adoption…

This short, handy adoption book is an excellent guide to how the adoption process works. Get a look at what adoption is like today, with compassionate answers and resources to help you learn more.

So I Was Thinking About Adoption is packed with information and resources for those facing an unplanned pregnancy.

logo_mobileAfrican American Adoptions Online

This website provides help, services, and counseling to bi-racial and African American families and birth mothers. We have an urgent need for families open to African American and bi-racial children. Please contact us today!



Pregnancy Help Online
pregnancyhelponline_header-2015Visit Pregnancy Help Online to find options, advice, and help as you seek to make the best decision about your pregnancy.

adoptionAmerican Adoption Congress

The American Adoption Congress is a place for those who are dedicated to adoption reform. This site is directed to those who want to see adoption that is built on integrity and “rooted in truth.”



adoption state by stateState By State Adoptions

This website assists both adoptive families and birth mothers find the information and help they need in their state.


adoptive familiesAdoptive Families Magazine

Adoptive Families is the leading information resource for families before, during, and after adoption. The award-winning national magazine provides independent, authoritative adoption information in accessible and reader-friendly format.

Christian adoptionChristian Adoption Online

Christian Adoption Online exists to provide Christian families with resources to assist them in finding the help they need to build a healthy Christian home for a lifetime. There are also free quality services to birth families seeking assistance in an adoption plan for their child or children into a Christian family.
Military Schools for Teens

Teen military school is an institution for helping troubled youth and serves many different purposes for teens throughout the country.



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